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Photography Previews Review Digital Reviews And Previews Reviews Photography Digital And Review The Growing Problem of Fake ID Usage in Arkansas

The United States has a problem with a growing proliferation of fake identification cards across the nation. Although many of these fake IDs come from increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters located overseas with highly sophisticated equipment, it doesn’t stop average Joe's from taking a crack at ID forgery with PhotoShop and a digital scanner. The impact of the phenomenon is evident in all 50 states, especially in the state of Arkansas. As the stories below illustrate, fake identification has been highlighted in several recent events:

  • Last August, police officers in Fayetteville ramped up undercover operations in order to crack down on the rise in underage drinking and a rash of fake ID arrests associated with the start of classes at the University of Arkansas. To help deal with the higher quality at which these ID’s are being produced, officers are utilizing a tool with several lights and a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the cards, confiscating the fakes as well as the offenders real ID.
  • The Deputy Director of Arkansas’ Alcoholic Beverage Control, created a mobile app to help both law enforcement and business owners better spot fake ID’s. The app, called 'Mobile ID Guide,' allows users to scan an ID for flaws. If any are detected, the screen turns red.
  • A routine traffic stop in Fayetteville turned up several stolen items and fake ID’s, leading to the driver’s arrest. Initially pulled over for speeding, the officer decided to search the car after noticing a strong odor of marijuana. The officer then found four fake California ID’s, 11 cell phones and contract, all baring the names found on the fake IDs. The driver was charged with forgery and theft of property, along with drug and traffic offences. Evidence found in the car also led the arrest of another suspect, who was also found with fake ID’s.

The Penalties for Fake ID possession in Arkansas

In Arkansas, using a fake ID to buy yourself or someone else alcohol will lead to being charged with a Class B misdemeanor (subsequent offenses will result in a Class A misdemeanor charge). A Class B misdemeanor carries the following penalties:

  • 60-day suspension of the offender's drivers license for the 1st offense
  • 120-day suspension of the offender's drivers license for the 2nd offense
  • Reviews Digital Previews And Photography Review One-year suspension of the offender's drivers license for the 3rd offense

Using a fake ID for financial benefit, including opening debit or credit card accounts or obtaining other financial resources, is a much more serious crime. Your How Gps To Easily Android Here On 's Location Fake 5Tn6q5XUw, and carries a punishment of:

  • Three to ten years in prison
  • Fines between $5,000 and $25,000
  • Photography Reviews And Previews Digital Review Restitution (will vary from case to case)

How to Spot a Fake Arkansas ID

For bartenders, doormen, waiters, waitresses, notaries, bank tellers, retail clerks, and any other individuals who must verify ID in a professional setting, the rise in fake ID production and distribution is concerning. In many situations, the person responsible for failing to spot a forged ID takes on just as much, or even more, liability than the person in possession of the forged identification. Therefore, it is vital that businesses needing to regularly verify the identification of their patrons use the I.D. Checking Guide.


What the I.D. Checking Guide Includes:

  • A full page or more for each U.S. state and Canadian province identity card sample, showing driver’s licenses and ID cards, plus U.S. and Canadian territories.
  • Guidelines on standard Arkansas driver's license terms, term length, etc.
  • An explanation of where the fine-line background, ghost image, double signature, and microprinting elements should be found on valid Arkansas ID
  • An explanation of what the proper alphanumeric sequencing of a Arkansas ID or Driver's license should be (i.e how many letters, numbers, etc.)
  • Full details for pre-2015 driver's licenses and the current Arkansas driver's licenses.
  • "How to check driver’s licenses" techniques for training use.
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