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John Curry, former Army Veteran 97E/L, Mechanical Engineer at Disabled Veterans (1989-2009)

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How do I lookup my driver's license number without my license for going to the DMV?

As far as I know, there IS no way for you to look up your driver license number without going to the DMV and proving your identity.

Even if you called the DMV and said you lost your license, they would not give you any information over the phone. Also, the DMV does not have an online resource to look up your license number in any way - it’s all about identity protection/fraud prevention.

The only way I could possibly think of you finding out your number is if you knew a police officer or have on in your family and ask them to look up your number - but remember, police who use official electronics and data for private assistance is against policy.
How do I know it is against policy to ask an officer (even family) to “look something up for you”? My brother is a now-retired highway patrol officer. When he was a rookie cop and I was in my late teens, I had a crush on a girl and wanted to send flowers to her home. I knew her car license plate number and asked my brother if he could find her home address - yes, I told him why. He even knew this girl from when we were in high school.

My brother’s reply? “I’m sorry, accessing state data for personal reasons is enough to get me fired. Yes, I technically COULD get her address from the system, but if I got caught doing so and had no official reason to be searching the database, I lose my career.”

Asking an officer to do unofficial business on official government property can cause the officer to lose their job. Most likely, just a reprimand, but then that reprimand will forever be in the officer’s police record file. It could cost a promotion or even a request to transfer to a better precinct, etc.

Since it is YOUR information you would be asking the officer to look up, well, look at it from the officer’s perspective (unless it is a friend who has known you for a while or family)… some guy flags you down. You stop to ask what’s going on. This stranger says “I need to know my driver license number, don’t have my license, can you look it up for me? My name is _________ and I live on this street.”

The officer has NO idea if you are who you say you are. As far as he or she knows, you have nefarious reasons for trying to find out someone’s driver license number and will question the heck out of you and still say “Nope”.

Is there a reason you need your driver license number, don’t HAVE your driver license AND you do not want to go to the DMV? Or is this a hypothetical and you just want to know if you or anyone can find out your license number?

Just go to the DMV… tell them you lost your license, they will issue you a new license. It is that easy.

If you lost your license and need the number for, say a job or credit application and you have no desire to drive and therefore do not want to go to the DMV… you are out of luck.
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With so much identity theft going on these days, the only way to get that number is to get an officer to break department policy OR go to the DMV.

(and if you have fines that are overdue or something like that and THAT is why you want to avoid the DMV… just own up to it, work out a deal to make payments and take on the responsibility of paying your debts. If you have a warrant? Same. Just take care of business and get it over with - if none of that applies to you, then just take a half day off and go to the DMV).

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